Roof Cleaning Lexington KY

Unsightly black streaks are a frequent sight on central Ky roofs. Our climate, here in Ky, doesn’t always go easy on our shingles, and the result is both harmful and an eyesore. WindowPro of Lexington Ky will keep your home healthy from the very top with our professional roof cleaning services!

If your roof is spoiled with big, dark ugly stains, it means that you’re dealing with algae issues. This algae is attracted to the limestone that make up your shingles. As they eat away at it, your roof’s quality degrades. The result may mean you need to replace your roofing and get faced with water damage.

WindowPro’s soft washing process achieves three important goals:

  • Protects the long-term quality of your roof
  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Prevents algae infestation and water damage
  • WindowPro of Lexington KY uses a form of pressure washing called soft washing to restore your roof back to its original color. This approach uses very low pressure to distribute a cleaning solution to your roofing. It also provides a non-invasive and very effective way to remove stains, dirt, and other buildup that doesn’t belong on your shingles.

Our soft washing is the only way to clean your shingles safely. The mild water pressure and powerful cleaners restore your roofing to look like new. We also offer Pressure Washing for your house and fencing.

Your home should have a roof that looks sharp and protects your biggest investment. Get your free roof cleaning estimate from WindowPro of Lexington KY today.

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